The Time-Domain ElectroMagnetic (TDEM) geophysical prospecting method has led to many major mining discoveries around the world. Crone Geophysics & Exploration Ltd has contributed to base metal, precious metal, diamond, uranium and pure flake graphite exploration, around the globe, with our proprietary Time Domain Pulse-EM system, contract surveys with highly trained and experienced crews, and interpretation/consultation services.

Crone's Pulse-EM has the potential to map size, depth, strike and dip of conductors and provide direction and distance to nearby missed conductors, including distance to edges and centers of deposits around boreholes.

Pulse-EM is ideal for locating, defining and mapping Volcanogenic Massive Sulphide (VMS) deposits, Sediment-hosted Massive Sulphide deposits, Higher grade ore within disseminated zones as well as locating conductive marker zones related to deposits and non-conductive targets through detection of associated well-connected conductors.