What We Do

Crone Geophysics is the developer and manufacturer of the Crone Pulse EM Time Domain system, the leading ground geophysical tool for mapping and targeting Base Metals and other conductive geological units for the Mining and Mineral Exploration industry. Crone and its affiliates conduct contract surveys with the system utilizing highly trained field crews, high quality support equipment, and unparalleled technical support and consulting/interpretation services from the people that designed the equipment.

Since 1962, Crone Geophysics has been supplying high quality instruments, surveys and consulting for mineral exploration, mine development and production and other geo-technical investigations. The company has a long and highly respected history of innovative research and development of exploration technologies. Crone developed technologies have contributed to numerous important base and precious metal discoveries around the world.

With 60+ years in business, Crone remains one of the only service providers in the industry developing and manufacturing ground geophysical equipment and using it exclusively for contract surveys and rentals. Our Clients can be confident they will receive the  support, knowledge and experience needed for a successful and efficient geophysical program.


How can Crone benefit your project?