• Mineral Exploration – Nickel, Base Metals, PGE, Gold, Silver, Uranium, Diamonds
  • Mine Development – Define boundaries and size of conductive ore
  • Mine Production – Reduce drilling by exploring between holes

Pulse-EM Specialists

  • 3-D Borehole – Z,X,Y Components up to 3000m down hole
  • Surface – Fixed or moving loops; sounding or profiling
  • Underground – Clock Sync, pushrods for flat holes
  • High Power – Up to 60amps in Dual Transmitter mode while remaining portable and reliable
  • Digital Receiver – 26-Bit dynamic range, and 25-Bit AGR for optimum S/N
  • Sensor Arrays – Standard dB/dt coil, Fluxgate and SQUID Sensors

Method Development

  • Pioneered Surface and Borehole Time-Domain EM methods
  • 5 Surface and 3 Borehole Pulse-EM operational modes
  • 3-D Borehole Pulse-EM

Geophysical R&D

  • Equipment design and testing
  • Interpretational aids and techniques including numerical modeling and scale modeling

Contract Surveys

  • Operating Worldwide for 51 years
  • Specialists in Surface and Borehole Time-Domain EM Surveys
  • Provide other geophysical services including borehole logging, I.P. Magnetics and VLF


  • Planning and management of worldwide exploration programs
  • Presentation, interpretation, and computer modeling of geophysical data
  • Training and supervision of survey operations
  • Extensive experience in surface and borehole Time-Domain EM